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Why I dropped Emergency Couple

I just finished watching episode 13 of Emergency Couple and I’ve finally decided to drop this drama. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to drop this drama since Episode 10 but it hurts me whenever I have to drop a drama because I feel like it is a responsibility to finish a drama from the start to the end to find out its ending and go through its development. So…I tried convincing myself to continue watching a few more episodes and see how it goes. But the drama is sucks so bad I’m not gonna waste my time on it anymore.

I watched Emergency Couple because I found the theme interesting: Divorced couple falling in love with each other again. I was excited for the recurring flashbacks and constant reflection on the characters’ actions and new realisation/perspective of the other party’s good. But the drama did not offer me any of the above that I was expecting and in fact randomly adding flashbacks into every episode that makes no impact, no reflections/impact of the present on the past/past on present, and did not present the new realisation/perspectives properly.

Where does this drama fall at?

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Chilbong: I heard that Na-Jung’s getting married.

Binggure pauses and stares.

Chilbong: What?

Binggure: Are you alright?

Chilbong: Ya. You think I’d throw a rock through a window or something?


Chilbong: Something like this…after time passes. After more time passes, I’ll be allright.

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Haitai: You stingy bastard. Everyone should at least have 10. 40. 

Daebak. LOL

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Best character comeback into an episode scene ever.

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Joon’s cute acts through ep 19:

  1. "I’M HERE!!!"
  2. "Ya! That idiot!"
  3. "What’s the score? What’s the score??"
  4. "44?! My granny can score better than you!"
  5. "Tous Les Jours~"
  6. "Naju~ung-ah~! Let’s pla~~ay!!^^"
  7. "Ya! Ya! This side! This side! Slowly! Slow down!"
  8. "Wallet. Let me see your wallet! Hurry! QUICKLY!"

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Some people wants this…


Other wants this…


Even…a lot of people wants this too…



what if

after all..

this happens…?


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Kim Jae Joon 김재준 (Chilbongie ver.)

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Chilbong’s grand comeback.