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Park Hoon isn’t acting like a main character

The most irritating part of this drama is that even though Hoon is our main character, he is not acting like a main character. Yes, Hoon has the moost screen time, the main part of the story revolves around him. But he is not acting on his own. He is being led by other characters (or rather by the writer) because he is sucked into this big conspiracy and acting like how others want him to act. We are unsure of his end point. What is it that our main character exactly want to acheive? Just finding Jae-hee? That would be a really stupid resolution because it’s so small. So small compared to our second lead, Jae-joon. Compared to Hoon, Jae Joon has a clearer end point. We know that he is going to take revenge, he is struggling to love Soohyun. And he is going there slowly, by his own merits. Every single action he is taking is crafted out from himself, not as a result of being manipulated by someone else. And that’s what makes Jae-joon interesting, because we’re seeing him grow as a character. I don’t want to see my main character acting so aimlessly and foolishly. I want to see my main character having a mind of his own. I hope the writer can balance the big conspiracy and Hoon’s character development without sacrificing one of them.

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Does Jae Joon really like Soohyun?

Does Jae-joon really like Soo-hyun?: Throughout the whole drama, it seems like Jae-joon is using Soo-hyun to get to the top of castle & from Soo-hyun’s point of view, we can tell that she isn’t very sure of Jae-joon’s feelings towards her to the extent that sometimes she doesn’t understand him and feels very unconnected with him. Sometimes the drama tries to portray a possibility between Soo-hyun and Hoon but I know that this is never going to happen. The drama tries to fix Soo-hyun and Hoon together to show us how much Soo-hyun yearns for true love. Through this fixture, we can tell that Soo-hyun knows that Jae-joon isn’t giving all his feelings and wishes that he could be like how Hoon loves Jae-hee.

BUT. Right from the start at Episode 5, we already know that Jae-joon likes Soo-hyun for real. Look at his expression, his pain, his disappointment in himself. No one can fake their real feelings when they’re drunk at night. The drunk speaks the most truthful truths. So why is he being so cold-hearted? Because he is fighting a war, and he does not want to be distracted. We can only hope that he sees love more important than this revenge war that he’s trying to launch and grow as a character with more feelings as the drama progresses.

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Korean drama Reply 1997 to receive US remake

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this can’t be real

can it?

the article makes me grimace so hard

"a musical adventure through the most transformated decade of the modern era"


"better than GLEE"

pffft plz like you’re going to try and compare Reply 1997 to Glee? srsly?


just no

i cannot



this had better be a joke

(but not a very good joke)


plz someone take this away from FOX

and did you read the credentials?

"Step Up 2" "Step Up 3D" "GI Joe: Retaliation"


Justin Bieber’s “Never Say Never”

*endless weeping*

(on the brightside the Bieb didn’t exist in 1999)


someone hold me

and wake me from this nightmare


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Can Doctor Stranger not pull a Reply 1994 and go along with this first love bullshit.

I’m so sick and tired of this cliche, and I’m starting to get really annoyed when the “second lead” has a more compelling personality and compatibility with the main lead but gets completely shafted in the end due to the drama stereotype nonsense.


Dr. Stranger, Episode 10 – Thoughts

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If we got anything out of this episode, it’s mainly Soo Hyun drunk on booze, Park Hoon high on love, and Jae Joon bent on revenge.
And me, looking at them all, frustrated.

  • Park Hoon: One Part Genius, Three Parts Fool


Okay, let’s start with the brave part: he tried to save Jae Hee, but…

Dr. Stranger, Episode 7 – Thoughts

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I don’t know if this was one of my favorite episodes, but it is a close second. I judge my favorite episodes heavily on Lee Jong Suk though, so there’s my bias. Haha. I can’t help it! They gave me an episode where the first half was almost dedicated to his tears, so that in and of itself is a…

Dr. Stranger, Episode 9 – Thoughts

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I could have sworn I saw this episode before. Didn’t it feel like déjà vu? I felt it was a rehash of what we have seen and given the previews the next episode is another rehash of previous rehashes. Drama don’t fail me now.

If anything this episode felt like a filler. Nothing new was introduced…

Dr. Stranger, Episode 8 – Thoughts

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If I can sum up Dr. Stranger so far in one word it would be exhausting. Exhausting in the sense that i feel like my head is about to burst from all the questions I am asking with regards to the characters and events, all the while getting no answer in return. It’s insane and crazy, but like I said…

The Problem.

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This may be hard to hear, but I need to get it off my chest. This in no way suggests that I am going to stop watching DS — I will never stop watching something with LJS in it, but it does mean that I am going to be honest about my own feelings.

[Spoilers, of course.]

I don’t mind Jin Seyeon, I…

3 Things I love About The 90s

To celebrate the end of the 5th production based in the 90s that I have watched, I decided to write a post on the things that I love about the 90s which are not present today. The very first one I watched was the popular Taiwanese movie 那些年,我们一起追的女孩, second being Korean Drama which is based in year 1997 (of course), the next was the movie Perks of Being a Wallflower, fourth being prequel Reply 1994 (mostly based in 1994, but spans across 1994-2000) and the fifth with the last episode airing tonight is Taiwanese Drama 我的自由年代 which spans from 1995 to 1997.

#1 Fashion

I love 90s fashion. It’s so simple yet so eye-catching. It’s very unique in a sense that it has a 90s feel to it.

#2 Music & Mixed Tapes

I think a mix tape is one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever heard of. In a less technologically-advanced age, combining the tracks that one loves to share with others is a rather tedious thing to do and the effort that goes into it is so so so lovely. It’s something that you do because you love it and want to share the love with others which is why I find it so sweet :’)

I really love this creation because its something that could allow us to appreciate the uniqueness of our friends, or simply to just know more about our friends.

I love 90s music too, especially because technology is not that advanced yet and the music are made of real instruments and are not heavy on techno-beats/technologically modified. It gives me this feeling that it’s real, it’s substantial and not fake/artificial. I think 90s music is really lovely because of its heartfelt lyrics too.

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